Saks Credit Card

When you are online looking for information about the Saks Credit Card you can be searching for a little while too long at times. For whatever reason they seriously insist that you will need to enter information into their application before they will even show you anything regarding terms of the contract. After you will see the information they were holding back from you on their contract you begin to feel like you know why it was hidden so well beforehand. With the type of APR they have, they may as well go ahead and try to brag about how horrible it is. At least they will then be able to say they are straightforward.

Most people don't seem to enjoy this card even though the stores actually have some very nice items to be purchased. In our search for the terms information we came across so many people who are having issues with billing and all kinds of things with the Saks Credit Card. With a card such as the Saks Credit Card, you really have to be mindful of the account balance all times of the day almost just to avoid having some new issues crop up from nowhere onto your bill and snowballing into a bad situation before you can get a good handle on it. Who wants to have their bill unknowingly or knowingly increased just because a few hours ago their bill became overdue and they had forgotten? Reminders don't seem to be in the plans of none of the merchandising cards we have ever seen. Other than to remind you when you need to buy something, they really seem to rather you be late than to pay before or on the due date. Needless to say, if you can have a great memory at least with your Saks Credit Card account, you will have fewer headaches.


It's never a great thing to hear or read about people who have gotten into trouble with their Saks Credit Card accounts. The entire thrill is gone for the Saks Credit Card once problems get started to the point that you aren't able to use the Saks Credit Card anymore. We all deserve to enjoy our Saks Credit Card without having troubles. However, Saks also deserves for us to pay them on time as well, agreed?

If you are going to choose the Saks Credit Card you should know they have a two tiered card program. There is the Saks Store card and then the Saks MasterCard. You get the regular card first and then the MasterCard level is an upgrade from the first level. Click on the apply button at the top of this page if you happen to be interested in applying for the Saks Credit Card. Take the time to read through their information provided there in their terms and conditions especially. You will want to make sure that when you get approved for the Saks Credit Card there will not be any surprises coming your way.